Making these swirls is so fun too. This is actually a hair clip too! 

Pink Doughnuts are so cute I needed to make one. 

Too much coffee (Kyoto cold brew) 

"Unicorn poop" cookies 

      "-=\~     _
         \\~___( ~
           \        \

Such a cute little plant, off to a good home. 

Everybody do the Lasseter! 

Bowling Ball Pendulum Wave Demonstration (x)

Future User Interfaces Part 2

Part 2!

Future User Interfaces Part 1

This is an analysis video I created about how vr and technology is represented in media and what that says about our expectations. 

Check it out! Lots of great clips and editing  

i wish i had a pokemon so i could resolve conflicts through the majesty of battle, instead of responding via e-mails