i wish i had a pokemon so i could resolve conflicts through the majesty of battle, instead of responding via e-mails 

Color palettes from gifs 

Mmmmm  (ᵕॢ૩ᵕॢ)

カラスは真っ白 “fake!fake!” / A crow is white “fake!fake!” (x)

Evening in Space (x

A birb just chillin 

Crocheted a slice of cake, which is surprisingly complicated. Crocheting triangles is tricky! 

Glamour Shots~

*chka chka kaaaaaa*


My cartoon for the KoopaKungFu youtube channel is up!! I had a lot of fun with this!

Warning, Rabbids

I love Sandra’s animation style! 

One Thanksgiving I accidently caught a marathon of Mork and Mindy on the Sci-Fi network. All day I helped around the kitchen and watched this show, feeling really good about myself and laughing.

I was having a hugely difficult year and this silly (and sometimes melodramatic) sitcom about an alien made me feel happy to be different. I identified with Mork and it allowed me to be truly goofy in the face of struggle. 

Today we lost a talented person who made a lot of people feel special and loved. There are many memories associated with Mr.Williams but this one was so unexpected and needed that I wanted to make a sappy post about it.

Na-Nu  Na-Nu