I love going on ‘boba runs.’ Boba, also known as pearls or tapioca, is a un novelty (especially if you like milk tea). This cafe had the cutest logo ♥

I love crocheting for people. It gives me an opportunity to learn new patterns and buy more yarn (yay).

This is a baby hat I made for my co-worker. 

You know what? This cost me $3 and a lifetime of happiness. 

I loved Lisa Frank as a kid and now I can buy all the stickers I want! And I can share them with people and decorate a phone case. 

Okay, here comes a text post!

Listen, working is great. People are generally smart and interesting and push to do good work. But then you realize that many people became bitter adults when you weren’t looking. Somewhere down the road many wonderful people realized it was easier to be snide, crude, sarcastic, bickery, and hold it in. 

Don’t hold it in!! Be mad, be happy, be blunt, and be wonderful! Get someone tea, send a funny e-mail, order yourself new goodies, cry in laughter because you can’t hold it in. 

I realize its easier to be bitter, fatalistic, and glum and it takes energy to let your inner child grow and love— so I’m going to post about all the things I do to make everyday an adventure.

Remember: NO ONE WILL HAVE FUN FOR YOU. You need to get up and make it for yourself. 

If you don’t laugh at this you don’t get my sense of humor


Just a small warm internet hug to remind you:

You are cool. You have great ideas. You don’t need to worry about others’ thoughts. You have passion. You have courage to make amazing things. You are laugher. You are bubbles. You are a great mountain of wonder, curiosity, and knowledge. 

You can do it. 

You can do wonderful things.


Start right now.

Here is a firework gif I made a couple years ago on the Fourth of July! 

This needs more views immediately 

I got very (VERY) lucky and got to sip tea and pet cats at Lady Dinah’s Cat Emporium


Here is a 5-layer cake I made from Mother’s Day

Flavor: Rainbow Unicorn Attack with a dash of mint 



I remember buying this magazine! it was like 12 dollars and I read it back to front. 

There was like a special PPG only magazine I picked up and was OBSESSED with—-if only I could find it! 

The PPG-only magazine is the double-sided Powerzine. http://www.amazon.com/POWERPUFF-GIRLS-POWERZINE-Powerpuff-Girls/dp/B001BAO9JG/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1399055522&sr=8-1&keywords=powerpuff+powerzine

It’s probably one of the coolest PPG-related things out there, I fully recommend buying one if you can find a copy. Sometimes they pop up on ebay too.

AAAAEEEEEIIIIIII!!!!!! Right in my childhood!

Now let’s watch a mariachi band play Zelda music at a wedding